Massive Laminated Loft/Deck Build | Part 1

Massive Laminated Loft/Deck Build | Part 1

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November 29, 2023
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We're building a HUGE loft with custom laminated posts and headers. In this video we laminate the posts and headers, anchor them to the floor, mount the header boards, and secure everything together.


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**Products Used**

Post Base:

Straight Connecting Bracket:

Drill guide:

100'' Straight Edge Saw guide:

2x6 Joist Hangers:

Titebond 2 glue

6'' Clamps:

12" Clamps:

DEWALT impact driver & hammer drill:

DEWALT hand planer

DEWALT bit set:

**Filming Equipment**

Canon EOS M50 camera

Tripod(best tripod ever)

Hand held Tripod

Universal camera mount

Lavalier Microphone

RODE wireless GO microphone

Directional Microphone

Adjustable Lights

Set lights(mainly all that I use)

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