Fear of Restrooms: Dealing with GI Symptoms in Strangers' Bathrooms! | Let's Talk IBD

Fear of Restrooms: Dealing with GI Symptoms in Strangers' Bathrooms! | Let's Talk IBD

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Crohn's disease caused me some severe GI symptoms and I used to spend A LOT of time in the restroom. It made me fearful when we'd leave the house, especially during the holidays for family parties. If you have some fears when using other people's or restaurants bathrooms, I share some tips in the video to make you feel more comfortable.

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Hi, I'm Maggie and I have Crohn's disease. I am thrilled to be here sharing my personal experiences with Inflammatory Bowel Disease as well as living with an ostomy. I'm proud to share a little bit from a clinical experience as well, having worked as a GI pediatric nurse and ostomy telehealth nurse. I am so glad you are here. โ™ฅ #ibd #crohnsdisease #ostomy

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