7 NEW Magic Tricks with Household Items

7 NEW Magic Tricks with Household Items

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Amaze your friends and family with extraordinary abilities! Transform a Pringles can with a wave, harness the power of static electricity and watch as you make a pen cap move on command, magically push a ping pong ball thru a balloon. Challenge your friends to a mini M&M's game you are guaranteed to win, defy gravity as you turn a GIANT glass of water upside down without spilling a drop, tear off a soda can tab and instantly restore it, fool your friends into getting trapped with a classic finger trap trick! All these fun tricks you can do right now with items around the house!

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Supplies You'll Need ↴
Pringles • Box Cutter • Sharpie Pen • Matchstick • Aluminum Foil • Pliers • Ping Pong Ball • Balloon • Coke Cans • Mini M&M's • Plastic • Scissors • Food Coloring • Giant Glass • Tape • Finger Trap

Magic Tricks Revealed in this Video ↴
Magic Pringles Can Quick Change Trick
The Static Electric Pen Cap Magic Trick
DIY Aluminum Foil Match Rocket Tutorial
The Ping Pong Ball Thru Balloon Trick
Magic M&M Mini's Challenge Explained
Gravity Defying Water Magic Trick Revealed
Magic Soda Can Tab Trick by Evan Era

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