ASMR Hair Gadget🤪 *DIY Colorful Crafts and Hacks*

ASMR Hair Gadget🤪 *DIY Colorful Crafts and Hacks*

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Looking for some fun 🤩? Our friend here always looking for the coolest gadgets and the craziest hacks! He’s even trying some of the most unusual gadgets, or make his own diy gadgets with stuff you can find easily at your house! Wanna know his trick? 🤔 Watch and find out!

Timestamps :
0:02 Silicone - Cute squishy pimple pop
0:23 Pull blackhead fidget - For the facial enthusiasts
0:37 Rainbow friend toy - Fun friend to play with
1:25 Grow capsules - What will grow from these capsules?
1:49 Doggie doo game - When your house doesn't allow you to have puppy
2:18 Slime - Fill with air to make a giant balloon
2:48 Raincoat - Prank your friend in the bathroom
3:38 Silicone - Make anything squishy
4:03 Bloonies - Make balloons with any shapes
4:32 Doll - Reconstruct your doll as clay monster
5:18 Tea infuser - Also works on your toilet
5:44 Pig bubble machine - Cute and blow bubbles for you
6:13 Candies -Stylish nail art
6:33 Plastic bottle - Cheap and very diy friendly
6:55 Blume dolls - Pretty doll in a bucket
7:24 Tubble gum - Tasty chewing gum
7:53 Bread toast baker mold - Cute shaped toasts
8:27 Temporary tattoo stickers - Get stylish with no risk
9:10 Magic snow - your new favorite fidget
9:32 Squishy - What could be inside?

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