All Day Shop with Me for a 30 Person Dinner Party and HAUL!

All Day Shop with Me for a 30 Person Dinner Party and HAUL!

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April 22, 2024
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Party Planning Course by Mom Susan and I -

My Favorite Cooking Equipment:
Kitchen Scale -
Rolling Pin with Thickness Guides -
Ginger Bread Men Cookie Cutters -
Kitchen Aid Mixer -
Food Processor -
Kitchen Scale -
Wooden Spoons (Spurtles) -
Red Enabled Cast Iron Frying Pan with Lids -
Dutch Oven -
Cutting Board -

Affiliate Links and Discount Codes:
Items Needed to Make Tortillas at Home:
Lard Pasture Raised -
King Aurther Masa Flour -
Tortilla Press -
Large Griddle -

Favorite Cookbooks!
Ina Garten Barefoot Contessa Foolproof Cookbook -
The Ultimate Cookie Handbook -
American Test Kitchen Cooking School Cookbook—
Ball Canning Cookbook -

Harvest Right Freeze Dryer -

Butcher Box - where to find organic chicken and grass-fed and finished beef —

Redmond Real Salt | Use the code ACRE for 15% off

Where to buy organic bulk food
Azure Standard —
Country Life Naturals - Use Code ACRE to get 10% OFF your first order and FREE shipping if you spend over $99 --

Bulk Food Storage Containers:
Food Grade 5 Gallon Buckets -
Gamma Lids -
X-Large Food Containers with Gamma Lids -
1 Gallon Glass Jars -
1/2 Gallon Glass Jars -'

30-Day Free Audible Membership with 2 Free Books -
A Year Without The Grocery Store Book -

Online Seed Companies I Order From:
Hoss Tools Seeds —
MI Gardener — | Use code ACRE for 10% OFF!
Seeds for Generations —

Green Stalk (Use Code ACRE for $10 an Order of $75+) -

Canning Supplies I Used:
Ball Canning Cookbook (My Favorite!!) —
Oster 22 Quart Roaster Pan —
Stainless Steel Strainers —
Presto Pressure Canner —
Canning Equipment Essential Supplies Kit —
Redmond Real Salt (Fine) —

Links are affiliate links, but I will only recommend items I LOVE and use daily with no extra cost to you, and it helps support the channel! Thank you for your support!

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