40 Coolest Gadgets For Your ROOM

40 Coolest Gadgets For Your ROOM

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Todayโ€™s set will bring a lot of light to your houseโ€”from the ceiling, from the floor, and even from the furniture. In addition, there is a bunch of great gadgets for '90s enthusiasts. Of course, I couldn't forget about workaholics, so there are some things to improve their workflow.

33 Coolest Gadgets For Your Room
23 Coolest Gadgets You Will Definitely Enjoy

0:00 Introduction
0:11 ROKR Pinball Machine 3D Wooden Puzzle: https://geni.us/PinballMachinePuzzles
0:33 ROKR Vitascope 3D Wooden Puzzle: https://geni.us/VitascopePuzzles
0:48 EdifyRobotics Pixly: https://bit.ly/3Gmmi9D
1:22 Chagdin Charge Station: https://bit.ly/3N0Pveh
1:58 POCOCO Galaxy Star Projector: https://geni.us/GalaxyStarProjector
2:32 MES Retro Mini TV Game Console: https://bit.ly/49OZkpp
3:14 JSAUX Tablet Pillow Stand: https://geni.us/TabletPillowStand
3:34 Airthereal Flame Aroma Diffuser: https://geni.us/FlameDiffuser (alternative)
3:56 Egloo Tornado: https://bit.ly/46qaiic
4:20 AROEVE MK01 Air Purifiers: https://geni.us/MK01AirPurifiers
4:58 LZH FILTER Levitating Moon Lamp: https://geni.us/LZHFILTERMoonLamp || https://geni.us/FUGESTMoonLamp (alternative)
5:27 Twelve South HiRise Pro: https://geni.us/HiRisePro
5:59 PITAKA Air Omni Charging Station: https://bit.ly/47vxgWn
6:35 Chair Meister Self-Balance Chair: https://bit.ly/3sPqdZG
7:05 Low Profile Ceiling Fan: https://geni.us/LowProfileCeilingFan
7:32 HYMELA M05 Wall Sconce: https://geni.us/M05WallSconce
8:00 Deyagoo LED Wall Sconce: https://geni.us/UPDownWallSconce
8:18 EasyJoy Couch Cup Holder: https://geni.us/EasyJoyCouchCupHolder
8:44 R-Go Twister: https://bit.ly/46rkaIw
9:09 ProtoArc EM11 Mouse: https://geni.us/EM11Mouse
9:28 Squid Game Alarm Clock: https://geni.us/SquidGameAlarmClock
Super Loud Alarm Clock: https://geni.us/SuperLoudAlarmClock
9:48 DozBox: https://bit.ly/47RMGnU
10:07 DesignNest UFO Night Lamp: https://bit.ly/3Gm6dAM
10:43 AutoCup Water Bottle: https://bit.ly/47NLSjQ
11:16 Aliving Coffee Table: https://bit.ly/3SZuWCO
11:45 FOMNEY LED Coffee Table: https://geni.us/FOMNEYCoffeeTable
12:07 My Mapy Night Light: https://bit.ly/3uBI32Y
12:32 Cololight Hexagon Lights: https://geni.us/HexagonLight
13:02 Yogasleep Dohm Classic Sound Machine: https://geni.us/DohmNoiseMachine
13:34 Douk Audio VU9 Pixie Tube Sound Level Meter: https://geni.us/VU9SoundLevelMeter
14:04 Smart RGB Sound Control Lights: https://geni.us/RGBSoundControlLight
14:15 Cololight MIX ACID RGB Light: https://geni.us/CololightMixLEDLights
14:38 EZVALO LED Night Light: https://geni.us/EZVALOLEDNightLight
15:04 KITVONA Kinetic LED Lights: https://geni.us/KineticGamingLight
15:36 SUNMORY Floor Lamp: https://geni.us/SUNMORYFloorLamp || https://geni.us/Maxwell
15:57 Moreboons Touch-Sensitive Smart Table Module: https://bit.ly/3RhfLne
16:11 KOKONI EC2 Smart 3D Printer: https://geni.us/EC2Printer3D
16:47 Iron Man Arc Reactor Replica: https://geni.us/IronManArcReactor
17:06 Iron Man Endgame Arc Reactor Prop: https://geni.us/IronManEndgameReactor

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