[ SITREP ] Ukraine Frontlines having Diarrhea; DPA Mapping REOPENED TO PUBLIC - Ukraine War Summary

[ SITREP ] Ukraine Frontlines having Diarrhea; DPA Mapping REOPENED TO PUBLIC - Ukraine War Summary

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April 24, 2024
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( Delay Telecast, first published on @DPA-War )

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00:00 Intro
02:43 Double Posting Arrangement

Frontline Changes Report
03:22 Ocheretyne, Avdiivka Front

Strategic/Tactical Reporting
05:12 Russian missile strikes
06:33 Kherson Front
08:30 Crossing the Dnipro
10:35 Zaporizhzhia Front
11:52 Donetsk Front
20:20 Avdiivka Front
28:15 Niu-York Front
28:53 Bakhmut Front
31:35 Siversk Front
32:57 Kreminna Front
33:25 Svatove Front
34:10 Kupyansk Front
34:25 Russian Offensive in the Macro View
35:42 Kharkiv Front

36:36 Closing

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